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Bread & Bakery Products

Bread & Bakery Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
bagels Plain Bagels x48 POA
bbun01 5″ floured bun 48s POA
f/bread Folded Flatbread 22x80g POA
panin01 Part Baked Panini 60s POA
pbbag01 Part Baked White Baguette 60 POA
t/wrap Tomato Tortilla Wraps 72×12″ POA
wrap01 12″ Tortilla Wraps 100s POA


Stock Code Stock Description Price
b.wells Bakewell Tarts x24 POA
cookies Large Cookies Assorted 40 POA
f.jacks Assorted flapjacks x30 POA
h.mades oh so Scrummy mixed Cakes x15 POA
m/muffs Monster Muffins 24 Assorted POA
muffins Assorted Muffins x24 POA
Pies & Pastries

Pies & Pastries

Stock Code Stock Description Price
BRUNCH Bacon&Cheese Brunch x 44 POA
c&gpie Chicken&Gammon Slice x30 u/b POA
c/oslic Cheese&Onion Pasty u/b x30 POA
c/pasti Shortcrust Pasty u/baked x24 POA
J/SROL Jumbo Sausage Roll x48 U/Baked POA
l/oggie Lamb Oggie x 30 u/baked POA
mandp Meat and Potato Pie x36 u/b POA
minirol Mini Sausage Roll u/b x 60 POA
S/ROLL 6″ Sausage Roll x54 u/baked POA
sandk Skeak and Kidney Pie u/bx24 POA
steakpi Steak Pie u/baked x 24 POA
steaksl Steak & Onion Sliced u/b x 30 POA
tikslic Chicken Tikka Sliced u/b x 30 POA
w/oggie Welsh Oggie x12 u/baked POA
Cheese & Butter Spreads

Cheese & Butter Spreads

Stock Code Stock Description Price
gsummer Golden Summer Margerine 2Kg POA
kerrybs Kerrymaid Butter Spread 2Kg POA
kerryss Kerrymaid Soft Spread 2Kg POA
lfcc01 Langley Farm Cottage Cheese POA
lfsc01 Langley Farm Soft Cheese POA
phil01 Philadelphia Cream Cheese POA
sumc01 Summer Country Margerine 2Kg POA
Cheese Products

Cheese Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
bcheese Sliced Burger Cheese 1.4Kg POA
brie01 French Brie Wheel 1Kg POA
ccb01 Coloured Cheddar Block POA
cgrat01 Coloured Grated Cheese 2Kg POA
feta01 Greek Feta Cheese 900g POA
gcheese White Grated Mild x 2Kg POA
mgrat01 Mature Grated Cheddar 2Kg POA
mozball Mozzarella Balls 125g POA
mozgrat Mozzarella Grated 2Kg POA
smat01 Sliced Mature Cheddar 1Kg POA
smild01 Sliced Mild Cheddar 1Kg POA
smkchee Smoked Processed Cheese 2Kg POA
smozz01 Sliced Mozzarella 1Kg POA
w/dale0 Wensleydale and Cranberry POA
wcb01 White Cheddar Block POA
wgrat01 White Grated Cheddar POA
Mayos & Sauces

Mayos & Sauces

Stock Code Stock Description Price
a/bbq Lions American BBQ Sauce POA
b/must Burger Mustard 1ltr Squeezy POA
brown1 Brown Sauce 1ltr Squeezy POA
brown45 Brown Sauce 4.5Kg POA
ceasar Lion Ceasar Dressing POA
cajun/s Cajun Sauce 2.5Kg POA
candt/l Lions Cajun and Tomato Dress POA
ceaser Lions ceaser Sauce 2.27ltr POA
CHILL75 Sweet Chilli Sauce 750ml POA
cormayo Coronation Mayonaise 2.5Kg POA
CRAN01 Cranberry Sauce 2.5Kg POA
ctmayo Cajun and Tomato Mayo 2.4Kg POA
dijon Lions Dijon Mustard 2.27 POA
f.cs/c Firecracker Sauce 2.4Kg POA
h/bbq Lions Hickory BBQ Sauce 2.27 POA
h/rad Lion Horseradish Sauce 2.27L POA
hotpiri Lions Hot Piri Piri Sauce POA
itals/c Italian Sauce 2.5Kg POA
JAM Strawberry Jam 3Kg POA
jams/c Jamaican Sauce 2.4Kg POA
ketch1 Tomato Ketchup 1ltr Squeezy POA
ketch45 Tomato Ketchup 4.5Kg POA
ktc/20l Ktc cooking oil 20ltr POA
ktc Ktc Cooking oil 5ltr POA
lionpc Lions Prawn Cocktail Sauce POA
M/TARD Lion English Mustard 2.27L POA
massala Tikka Massala Sauce 2.4Kg POA
mat10lt Mayonaise 10ltr tub POA
may1ltr Mayonaise 1ltr Squeezy POA
mex/sc Mexican Sauce 2.4Kg POA
pesto/g Green Pesto 500g POA
pickle Sandwich pickle 2.5Kg POA
piris/c Piri Piri Sauce 2.4Kg POA
s/cream Salad Cream 1ltr Squeezy POA
salsa01 Hot Salsa 2.4Kg POA
SALT Salt Portions x 1000 POA
SOUP Knorr Soup 2.5 pouch POA
thai227 Lions Thai Sweet Chilli 2.27 POA
tikmayo Tikka Mayonaise 2.5Kg POA
yogmint Lions Yogurt and mint Sauce POA
Egg Products

Egg Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
144egg Boiled Eggs x144 POA
beggs01 Hard Boiled Eggs 4doz POA
feggs01 British Fresh Eggs 180 POA
Sandwich Fillings

Sandwich Fillings

Stock Code Stock Description Price
bbq/mar Marinated BBQ Chicken 1Kg POA
bbqpork BBQ Pork S/fill 1Kg POA
bbqsfil BBQ Chicken s/fill 1Kg POA
c.sav01 Cheese Savoury 1Kg POA
c.sav2k Cheese Savoury 2Kg POA
c/chees Spicy Chilli Cheese POA
c/slaw ColeSlaw 2Kg POA
caj/mar Marinated Cajun Chicken 12Kg POA
cccarni Chilli Con Carni 1Kg POA
chi/bac Chicken and bacon s/fill 1Kg POA
chi/mar Marinated Chinese Chicken 1Kg POA
chic01 Sliced Chicken Breast 1Kg POA
chicmyo Chicken Mayo s/fill 1Kg POA
corsfil Coronation chicken s/fill POA
crab01 Crab Flavour s/fill 1Kg POA
ehmay01 Egg Mayonaise 1Kg POA
egmay10 Egg Mayonaise 10Kg POA
f.csfil Firecracker Chicken 1Kg POA
fajbeef Fajita Beef s/fill Kg POA
fill01 Cooked Chicken Fillets 1Kg POA
h/cchic Honey Chilli Chicken 1Kg POA
h/mous Houmous 1Kg POA
hduck Hoisin Duck 1Kg POA
in/tika In Sauce Chicken Tikka 1Kg POA
itl/mar Marinated Italian Chicken 1Kg POA
jam/mar Jamaican Jerk Chicken 1Kg POA
l&c/mar m/ted Lime&Coriandor Chicken POA
m.ball1 Meatballs in Spicy Salsa 1Kg POA
m.lamb Lamb in Garden Mint Dressing POA
m/c01 Mixed Cheese/Spring Onion 1Kg POA
m/c02 Mixed Cheese/Spring Onion 2Kg POA
m/c10k Mixed Cheese/Spring Onion 10Kg POA
m/j/p mozz/jalapeno/pepperoni 1Kg POA
mball10 Meatball in Spicy Salsa 10Kg POA
med/mar Marinated Mediterranean Chic POA
mexsfil Mexican Chicken s/fill POA
pandc Crab Flavour Filling&prawns POA
pir/mar Marinated Piri Piri Chicken POA
PMARI01 Prawn Marie Rose 1Kg POA
pmari02 Prawn Marie Rose 2Kg POA
pmari10 Prawn Marie Rose 10Kg POA
pmayo Prawn Mayonaise 1Kg POA
s.s/c.c Smoked Salmon & Creasm Cheese POA
tik/mar Marinated Chicken Tikka 1Kg POA
tiksfil Chicken Tikka s/fill 1Kg POA
ts.corn Tuna Sweetcorn 1Kg POA
VTIKKA Vegetarian Tikka s/fill 1Kg POA
Frozen Cooked Chicken

Frozen Cooked Chicken

Stock Code Stock Description Price
C/GRIL Grilled Chicken Fillet x1Kg POA
chicbrg Southern Fried Breaded Chick POA
diced01 IQF Diced Chicken 2.5Kg POA
frzfill IQF Cooked Chicken Fillet 2.5 POA
frzslic IQF Cooked Sliced Chicken 2.5 POA
frzstrp IQF Cooked Chicken Strips 2.5 POA
fznduck IQF Hoisin Duck 1Kg POA
kebab Cooked Chicken Kebab 10x2100g POA
m/vdice IQF Diced Chicken POA
R/STRIP IQF Roast Chicken Strip POA
strip01 IQF Cooked Chicken Strip 2.5 POA
ZINGER Hot and Spicy Chicken Breast POA
Burger & Sausage Products

Burger & Sausage Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
b/pud01 Black Pudding Stick POA
burg01 4oz Beef Burger x48 POA
c/burg 4oz cooked Beef Burger x60 POA
cksos01 Cooked Sausage Plank Sliced POA
hannah8 Hannah Pork Sausage IQF8’s POA
prem8s Premier 8s Sausage 4.54Kg POA
s.sav8s Supreme 8s Sausage POA
Bacon Products

Bacon Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
B/C/S Cooked Streaky Bacon 1Kg POA
ckdstr1 Cooked streaky Bacon POA
r/lstr1 r/less Streaky Bacon POA
sdrlb1 Standard r/less Back Bacon POA
strlb01 Super Trim r/less Back Bacon POA
thrlb1 Thick Cut r/less Back Bacon POA
Sliced Cooked Meats

Sliced Cooked Meats

Stock Code Stock Description Price
cbeef01 Sliced corned Beef 500g POA
chick01 Sliced Chicken Breast 1Kg POA
f/hous1 Farmhouse Ham 1Kg POA
gham01 Sliced 100% gammon ham 500g POA
past01 Sliced b/pepper pastrami 500 POA
pepp01 Sliced Pepperoni 1Kg POA
pham01 Sliced 100% cooked ham 500g POA
pork01 Sliced Roast Pork 500g POA
s/s8001 Sliced 80% s/side Beef 500g POA
sqham01 Square Ham 2Kg POA
top01 Sliced Topside Beef 500g POA
turk01 Sliced 100% Turkey 500g POA
Cooked Meat Joints

Cooked Meat Joints

Stock Code Stock Description Price
90top00 90% Topside Joint POA
chor01 Spanish Chorizo 1.35 Stick POA
dsal00 Danish Salami 1.81 Stick POA
pork00 Roast Pork Joint POA
s/sid00 100% s/side Beef Joint POA
top00 Cooked Topside Joint POA
trad00 Traditional Cooked ham Joint POA
turk00 Turkey Saddle Joint POA
Fish Products

Fish Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
f/prawn Cooked Prawns Frozen 2.5Kg POA
s/salm Sliced Smoked Salmon 500g POA
tunap01 Tuna chunks in cbrine 3100g POA
tunat01 Tune Chunks in brine 1880g POA
Tinned Products

Tinned Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
b.root Sliced Beetroot 2.25Kg POA
bbean01 Baked Beans 2.62 tin POA
chicpea Chick Pea 3Kg POA
ctom01 Chopped Tomatoes 2.55 tin POA
jal01 Sliced JalapeƱos tinned POA
KIDBEAN Red Kidney Beans 2.6Kg POA
mush01 Sliced Mushrooms 2.45 tin POA
oliv01 Black Pitted Olives Tinned POA
pizzas1 PIzza Sauce Tinned POA
ptom01 Peel Plum Tomatoes 2.55 tin POA
scorn01 Sweetcorn Tinned POA
stuffiin Sage & Onion Stuffing 3Kg POA
Chip & Potato Products

Chip & Potato Products

Stock Code Stock Description Price
14/chip Freeze-Chill 14mm chips POA
7/chips 7mm julienne chips POA
h/brown Hash Browns 10x1Kg POA
p/wedge Seasoned Potato Wedges POA
Gourmet Selection

Gourmet Selection

Stock Code Stock Description Price
confit Duck Leg Confit 12×300-350g POA
ribs BBQ Pork Ribs F/Rack 10x435g POA
WINGS BBQ Chicken Wings IQF 2x5Kg POA
Oils & Vinegars

Oils & Vinegars

Stock Code Stock Description Price
balsam Balsamic Vinegar 5ltr POA
extrav Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5ltr POA
ktc/20l KTC Cooking Oil 20ltr POA
ktc/5l KTC Cooking Oil 5ltr POA
pomace Pomace olive Oil 5ltr POA
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